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SSTC re-emerge with the release of "I Can Make You Dance".

SSTC is headed for the clouds...A SMASH Hit!

 ...Radio Personality DJ Prime 88.9 FM Australia

SSTC Gold Record 1991

SSTC are pioneers of Southern United States music. Forging a foot print during a time when Southern Music was completely rejected by mainstream promoters and distributors. The band would eventually gain the respect of its peers with regional sold out shows and independently selling over 500,000 records - something completely un-heard of at the time. In addition, the band became the first Southern Act to produce, perform and lead a major commercial for Pizza Hut, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 90’s rap sensation Vanilla Ice United States Tour. The band was recognized by the City’s Mayor, Sidney Barthelemy, as the 98.5 FM’s “Who’s Who” Artist in 1990; highlighting that year with a performance for MTV Snippets. Strong, positive lyrics, great delivery and an incredible performances earned SSTC this title!


SSTC or Shy Shy and the CRIME has returned with the release of "I Can Make You Dance". The song has remained #1 on the VTYO Video Charts for an astounding 15 weeks consecutively, the band’s been featured on MSN, Yahoo and the Yo! Checka Show, garnered over 40,000 twitter followers, over 500,000 views via Vevo, three Youtube Channels and Muzo and topped a major indie chart…all in roughly it's first 2 months of release! 


SSTC frontman, Marlon Campbell, set down with Lombardy  Productions to discuss SSTC20 "Thanks for the Memories" World Tour. The two agreed to launch the tour in the UK in late July 2020. However, due to the current Covid 19 Coronavirus, the tour has been placed on hold. Stay tune for new launch date!


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